Router mode doesn't give internet access to connected devices

AX1800 Router

I’m in a weird setup, I feel on the surface this should be simple but it isn’t having it.

Router connected to a university-style WAN that allows devices via their MAC address’, only a limited number of devices/MAC address’ allowed and even fewer MAC address changes during each billing period. Each room has a 1Gbps port running to it. I’ve bought the AX1800 with the idea of only using the router’s MAC address and only 1 MAC address – hopefully this isn’t wrong? The company charges extra for each device you want to add.

Connected up the router to the WAN, authorised the routers MAC address on my accounts whitelist, router has internet connection as it downloaded an update, but it can’t bridge the other connected devices onto it? What am I missing?

The university may be detecting that you are using a router, which defeats their restriction to a limited number of devices/MAC addresses (and additional payment to them for more devices).

A common method they use is to check the TTL in the packets, which you may be able to bypass:

Be aware that they may terminate your service if they can detect that you are trying to cheat them.

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Thank you for helping.

I had to change the fw4 to fw3 before the reload command works, however when I ping the localhost it stays ttl = 64 and not 65 as that thread should suggest.

I’m assuming this works by the ttl of the packets sent by the router to the higher router used by the company should read 63, and when they read 62 it knows a routers involved, and I’m setting 65 to add 1 for when packets reach the companies higher router?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

The post that I linked is for Firmware 4, so it should have worked.

You can try the following method for Firmware 3:

You sent me down the right rabbit hole and I got this working via someone’s more recent comment recent in that thread.

My flint is still fw3 and not 4 (don’t know why, don’t care). Changing ttl in a postrouting command didn’t work, but changing the pre-routing did:

iptables -t mangle -I PREROUTING 1 -j TTL --ttl-set 65

Thank you so much.