Router Spitz X3000 does not work

Router Spitz X3000 does not work. I bought routers and 5G RM520GL (2 pieces) and 4G EM160G-RM (4 pieces). No one router works! What the fuck!
Your new router Spitz X3000 with LTE modem does not work.
Sim-card is setupped but nothing happing!
How to setup the modem.
Sim card works very well in the other device but in this device does not work.
Moreover is not shown the operator name in the upper menu.
What the fuck with this routers on which I spent almost $3,000

I attached the screens
Please repair the this problem and give me please the normal firmware!
Thank you very much in advance!
Awaiting your reply with real help!

What firmware are you running (and is it the newest one?) and what operator do you want to connect to?

You may need to upgrade the firmware of the modem as well: Upgrade Quectel Module Software - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

I bought it specially that to use sim card. But no one sim card is not work! Beeline, Yota, MTS, Megafon, Rostelecom. Routers has a newest last your software 4.4.6. The same problem with all routers! I’m in scarry!
Nota Bene: The Russian government is waging a war of aggression, and independent journalists are being persecuted for providing truthful information. I specifically bought routers, since I trust your company and your products, so that I could access the Internet from anywhere. I bought routers to be able to access the Internet without censorship or surveillance. But in fact, I just threw away all my money on something that is lying like a brick.

The same problem with all routers! I’m in scarry!

Unfortunately I can‘t help you with that because I don’t know about Russian providers.

Maybe @hansome has some idea?

Thank you, Admon, for your help in anyway. I hope the official persons from Gl.Inet will give the real reply what is problem and help me to issue it!

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Did you try to clone the IMEI of an device that can connect successfully?

See GL-X3000&GL-XE3000 connection - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

Yes, Admon, I have already changed IMEI several times. Using the command AT+EGMR=1,7,“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” . I can change IMEI without problems. But nothing happen. I see the absolutely the same errors. Look please the screenshot

I think that this is clearly not the problem in IMEI. Because in the old version of Spitch X750 everything worked without problems.

Maybe this could help

Admon, tell me please, is it normal reaction on command in SSH as:
gl_modem AT AT+QGMR

I am not sure if this is the correct way to execute AT commands by SSH. Can you try to run it via the web GUI?

Admon tell me please. How I can to make it?

Behind this button should be the menu for it.

When you go to the Modem Management menu
First, the following text is reflected:

then the command window loads and the message that the modem was not found is no longer shown

This happens when the modem crashes due to wrong AT commands.
Could you try to restart the device and try again?

I see this from the moment I took it out of the box and turned on the device. Yesterday I unpacked a new one, absolutely the same thing. The modem model is not even shown at the top where it says in the word CELLULAR.
The CELLULAR wording appears straight out of the box of a brand new device.
I did not enter any commands into the modem, except for changing the IMEI, I’m resetting the device several times, and the modem, nothing happens. This is what confuses me in the advanced settings. Look please

Hmm, I am running out of ideas, unfortunately.
You will have to wait until the staff will take action here.

Unsupported protocol type is not a thing to worry about, it’s common because some implementations are not OpenWrt standard.

Anyway, Admon (Aaron) thank you so much for being willing to help me with this problem. I appreciate it. Thank you, friend. I’m just now horrified that I wasted so much money for nothing and I’m sad with the products of a company that I trusted before. Because I don’t know that to do now.

I am pretty sure that the staff will figure out what’s wrong. Because it’s weekend now, the response might be a bit later.

Are all these carriers in Russia? No way to work there.

These routers don’t work in Russia or also in some other countries?