Router Wifi Connection

How can I connect my GL.Inet router to a wifi network that requires login to a webpage?

For example; conneting the router to a hotel wifi that will autimatically open a website to login so after that you can have internet access in the device you are connecting to that network.

Connect to the router’s wifi. Login to the router GUI and choose repeater mode. Find the hotel wifi and connect. The hotel portal should open in a new browser tab.

Thank you for your answer @RBzee, but that is exactly my question. When I connect to the hotel wifi, the website to login the hotel wifi does not pop-up. This happen in every Gl.inet router I use with the latest firmware version.

One of the methods I use to bring the captive portal page is to navigate to
Most of the times it’ll bring the captive portal page to the browser.

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Even a small window will work. It is best to be on a high floor.

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Thanks @Bpz1970 @RBzee
I do not understand the way you can make it with this website.
When I login to the admin panel, I try to get internet in the router by going to the internet option, then click on scan, select the hotel wifi or any other network that requires to login using a website to get internet, no windows pop-op. Navigating to wont work since the router does not have internet.

Does anybody know any other way please?

Once you connect to the hotel wifi using repeater mode, the browser will pop up the captive portal window automatically or, if the pop up doesn’t occur you can search for the hotel network gateway (for example, depending on the IP address shown in the hotel network properties in the router GUI window) and this normally will redirect you to the captive portal window. Another method is (once connected to the hotel network) to go to which will bring the captive portal window in case you haven’t logged in, otherwise you’ll see the page content.
One thing that you need to be aware of is that the gateway could be in the same IP range of the router (normally the router comes by default with the IP address and it could be that the gateway is also with the range 192.168.8.X) which it could create conflict.

Thank so mch for your answer. None of this worked.

Does anybody know the final solution for this?

Last try - do the MAC clone and IP fix - (before you chuck it out of the window):