S1300 new

I just installed my new s1300 but after using Netgear for a long time this is a bit confusing. I’m using my c6300 as modem only with s1300 as router. Im not getting the full internet signal, I also don’t know whether I should be using the repeater. As a mesh if I install a node does it have to be hook up to internet or just power? Thanks.


  1. Turn off WiFi on C6300
  2. Connect LAN port from C6300 to WAN port on S1300
    2a. Make sure that the C6300 is on different IP subnet ( should be as it looks like it defaults to and your S1300 should be
  3. This should give you internet to the S1300 and WiFi via the S1300
  4. For Mesh have a look here (same as B1300). Only the master node needs to be hooked up to the internet.