Samba (SMB) issues with VPN wireguard ON AX1800

Hello i have some problem with smb when Wireguard VPN is on.
Router Ax1800 Flint> Firmware 4.2.0
I show all problem on video, when i turn on vpn, smb is work very slow and choppy, turn off and smb work just fine.

Wireguard config is

log (24.1 KB)

Upd: I tried different client, windows 10, Android phone, windows XP and every client has this issues

Thank you for your feedback. We will verify this issue.

Can you upgrade to version 4.2.1 and try again? We have verified on this version and the issue is not reproduced.

Hello sorry for long answer, i update to 4.3.2 (even try new snapshot1 version) but have same problem, maybe its work little bit better in some case, but it choppy and slow any way in some random case. With out vpn smb work with no problem on any device.
If it needed i can send log and make video with issues again.