Samsung Tethering

I am having a issue with tethering my Samsung Galaxy Active S7. When I connect it to my GL-AR300M it comes up as eth2. When I click connect it sits and spins for a few seconds. I then get a error message and it doesn’t connect. I have tried a buddies phones which is a S10+ with a USB-C cable and the same thing.

I do have a buddy at work that has a S8 and he can connect to it and it works. But his devices comes up as usb0 instead of eth2. I have updated to the newest firmware and still no luck. I have tethered straight to the laptop with the same usb cord and it works no problem.

Any ideas?

Please refer this link Galaxy S8 will not tether SLATE 750

Tried new Anker cables for power and to my phone. Same thing comes up as ETH2 spins for a while and gives me this error. errrrerrr

Is the router’s power adapter original?

Yea, I’ve tried the original one and a new one. It works fine with some phones but mine it won’t tether and my buddies S10+ won’t tether. I feel like it’s a firmware bug in the router itself or a software issue with the phone. The phones that work fine pop up as usb0 the ones that don’t work come up as eth2. It’s like it’s trying to tether with the wrong port or something.

I can turn tethering on and plug it up to a laptop and it works just fine. It’s just through the router it won’t pick up a IP address or anything.

My device rateplan allows for unlimited access for the handset, but does not support Hotspot or Tethering…

Something to consider here…

I faced the same issue before and you helped me to solve it easily and now everything is ok.
Valuable explanation, thanks for sharing!

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