Search the right wifi router for local FTP Server to access video files on USB Stick

the title is quiet long, but I did not know how to make it shorter.

I’m a teacher in a classroom without Internet and WiFi.
I want to give access to videos for my students, they have iPhones and iPads.
The idea is that:

  • The iPhones and iPads connect to the gl.inet Wifi
  • The students get a QR-Code containing the ftp-URL for a single Video which is on the gl.inet router USB-Stick
  • they scan the QR-Code and the video is playing on their iPhone iPad

I did this a few years ago with a AVM Fritzbox router, but I do not have any AVM Product anymore , and I’m wondering now if it would be possible to do it with a gl.inet travel wifi router ?

Is there one specific model that would be better for this task?

There are so many different models of gl.inet travel routers on amazon and I do not realy know what I have to look for.

I already own a GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) which is set up for an other project. I do not want to break that setup only for testing if a FTP server is possible on it.

Thank you for your help

It seems that iOs devices do not allow to connect to FTP using Safari.

For this reason I’ve started a new topic HERE to ask you if it is possible to host a local Wordpress site on a USB-stick connected to a gl.inet travel router.

How about using the File app instead of Safari? iOS devices have the File app by default.
docs 4.x, samba client

Thanks for your reply.

could scanning a qr-code redirect to files app and open videos?

It requires a few steps in the File app. Please check the docs.

I think with samba in Files App , students see the content of a folder and have to find the right video file in the middle of all video files.

What I need, is

  • to come into my class,
  • connect the router to power outlet
  • Show a Wifi SSID / Password QR-code to connect the iPads to my WiFi
  • give each student a second QR code which brings up only one specific Video file.

Yeah, I see. Let me see if there’s another way.

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What do you think about my Wordpress idea on a USB -stick ? In this topic HERE

unfortunately I have to sleep now, as here in Europe I have to go to work in 4 hours.

I greatly appreciate your help, as I’m not an IT man, but a sports teacher :wink:

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I haven’t checked if this works in real life, but in the experimental features in iOS Safari settings there is an option to activate the feature you want.

@agent_smith thanks for your help,

but unfortunately my students do not have access to these settings as their iPads are managed.

I’ve setup a wordpress an a RPi4 connected to a Slate, this seems to dork