Security Features Roadmap


Just wondering if you have plans of implementing the following security features for your routers

  • vlans / network segmentation
  • intrusion detection system / intrusion prevention system (suricata?)
  • blocking malicious IP addresses
  • geo ip filtering / country blocking
  • vulnerability scanner (open ports etc.)

and other useful security features…

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Thanks for the suggestions. We may be able to do some, but not all. Each function including complicated technologies, which may related to privacy etc.

I will have internal discussion about this.

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Unless I misunderstand, blocking and filtering are now available with AdGuard under Filters, DNS blocklists (I use a BRUME). You can add the lists you want to accomplish your 3rd and 4th points.

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Adguard filtering, is like basic and manual.

Online DNS filtering may have more complete database. Some services have advanced filtering which transfer your data to cloud for analysis. I am not sure how efficient is this. But there is privacy issue for sure.

The problem is, users do not care.

Adguard Home covers mostly domain/dns blocking.

in the list, which are likely to be implemented or makes the most sense to you. Thanks.

See there a list of other known security improvement potential of gl firmware Short test of openwrt-ar750-3.104.bin:

I addet a link to your security improvemt ideas on the other list.

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