Security Gateway Brume 2 (GL-MT2500/GL-MT2500A) is coming soon!

:bell:We’re pleased to introduce our new powerful security gateway - Brume 2 (GL-MT2500/GL-MT2500A):confetti_ball:
Brume 2 is a perfect gateway for hosting a VPN server and protecting your privacy on the go. It features VPN cascading; runs OpenVPN at 150 Mbps and WireGuard® at 355 Mbps. It’s available for PRE-ORDER NOW!


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It is an interesting device, but how can someone actually benefit from the 2,5 Gbit WAN port? I know that SOC cannot do 2 x 2,5 NIC and USB3, so adding a second 2,5Gbit port will not be possible.

Technically having it as LAN port could see higher than 1 Gbit traffic if used with vlans and a switch. In that case you would have traffic between vlans run through that LAN port twice on different VLANs.

With 1 Gbit LAN and no wifi I do wonder how I could saturate that 2,5 Gbit WAN (with ‘useful’ traffic; You can run iPerf on the device, but I do not call that useful)?

2.5G WAN is a bonus, not the main selling point.

Here are some cases that 2.5G WAN is useful.

  • You can use drop-in gateway mode, which only need wan and 2.5G wan could be a benefit.
  • You can connect storage on USB3.0. The USB read speed exceed 1Gbps so 2.5G is useful
  • Make it possible to extend other USB3.0 applications, e.g. USB to Ethernet, USB modems, USB wifi dongle etc. Of course these applications is not yet tested.

Overall, 2.5G is better than 1G.

Why don’t way put two 2.5G in the the case? It is trade off of some factors.

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If it had 2 x 2,5Gbit it would make sense, but this device sadly has only 1 2,5gbit WAN and 1 gbit LAN. Not 2,5 gbit for LAN and WAN. That means it can sort of receive/send more on WAN than it can ever get from/to LAN. More routers have that the other way around.

Drop in gateway is indeed a fair use-case for 2,5Gbit WAN. That’s a bit like the 2,5Gbit LAN/VLAN use-case I mentioned.

Would you be sharing the USB storage with LAN or WAN. I believe that would likely be more with LAN then with WAN (unless you make it a download-router!).

You could indeed add USB-to-Ethernet to make higher speeds to WAN possible.

I do not mind it having a 2,5Gbit port, just wondered how its use was meant in this specific device.

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USB storage can be used for either lan or wan, depends on how you want to set up the network.

Also need to note, the 2.5G port can be used as LAN as well.

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Previous discussion is here:

Will GL.iNET publish a list of compatible USB to 2.5G ethernet dongles? Until a 10GbE-port device is released, this would be the closest thing to getting 2.5GbE as a router

Will this device have the IDS/IPS?

Will an open SDK be available for MT2500? We would like to use it with our own OpenWRT firmware.

I think so. Also working with openwrt developers to add support in openwrt. Hope it can be done soon

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Any plans for a wall and/or DIN mounting kit for MT2500?

Is double-sided tap an option? This router is so small and light.

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We would like to use the device in professional security installations where screw or DIN rail mounting is required.

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Hang it somewhere secure.

Even professionals have been known to use good quality double-side tape. I like 3M Dual Lock, which is used to mount a toll road transponder onto car windshield.

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