Setting up LAN network name?

Hi there, this may be a really basic network question that isn’t specific to GL.iNet routers, just networking in general, but how do I setup the name of the local network on my GL-MT300N-V2? When I go to my network connection on Windows 10, it just says ‘Network 7’ or on my Windows 7 machine it shows ‘Network 3’. On my main Asus router, the LAN connection name is the same as whatever I set the WiFi SSID to. Is there anyway to do this on the Mango router?

Thank you.

Do you mean changing the localhost name?

Well, I don’t have a mt1300 but I know if you have the wireless on you can change it’s name by logging into it, select wireless, and where it shows the WIFI NAme (SSD) you can change it by selecting modify and change that name to what you want. Then click on apply. That is what I have on my AR150 units for the wifi side. I hope I am not speaking out wrong as it is a different router but some have some same software. Good luck.

Like this? should just be the hostname


That is exactly what I am referring too, for some reason even the model of the router doesn’t show, just a random network name. How do I edit that?

I found this post Windows 10 Network Connection Name - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum

I can change the network name in windows registry. But I have no idea how the name comes.

I have done that on my machines, but I would just prefer if it did it automatically like a work or school domain.