Setup Adblock on GL-B1300

Hi guys, i have a GL-B1300 running 3.105 fw, im wanting to setup addblock but i need some guidance.
please help, Thanks in advance guys…!!

i found this guide for OpenWRT Adblock. would that be the same for my VPN router?

Look here :slight_smile:

Hi, so i have installed Adblock and luci-app-adblock but my adblock interface looks different and i have no way to add blacklists my Adblock version is 1.1.11-1 Help…

I am also having the same issue. I tried to use WinSCP to access root directory of my B1300 and found a url-blocklist text file. I pasted a list of URLs in that file but it made no difference. Also, my selected Blocklist sources fail to download.

Same here. Have a GB-1300, updated to version 3.212. Follow the instructions here and install ssh wget, adblobk and luciadblock but there’s some kind of problem because it can’t connect to download the lists. Any suggestion?