Setup tuts

Is there a step by step tutorial how to set the opal 1200 up to log into a hotel wify so I can run my computer off of a wired lan?

the reason I am asking is that I tried to follow the setup in the manual and bricked it.

Does that method actually work? I am hoping there is a better method?

The guide should work.

If you have issues, pls describe which step you have issues so that we can help.

Yes I am still having issues.
Im trying to connect to a simple hotspot that requires password only to access.

So my phone connects to the router ok.

As far as I can tell I am exactly following the setup in the first pic.

As seen above I can log in and communicate with the router over 2.4g wifi but with no internet service

As seen in this pic I cant access the setup page on the router using IP address.

I am not able to setup the router to access the hotel hotspot.


Everything stops here at this point:

“Some public hotspots especially those in hotel, cafe or airport, require you to input your authentication information or agree the terms and conditions through a web page (Captive Portal) before you can connect to it or access the Internet.”

There is no authentication requirement, no agreement, and no captiv portal for this hotel hotspot, only simple hotspot login.

I can log into the hotel hotspot fine direct with the phone.

All I am trying to do at this point is get the router to connect to the hotspot.

For simplicity sake, try to connect to router using pc and lan cable

Unfortunately I dont have the laptop available to me till later next week.

The initial setup instructions shows connection and setup using wifi connection.

There will be times like now where I will need to connect using wifi as shown in the instructions.

So its important for me to know how to use the wifi method to set it up.

So far we can see its connecting to the router through wifi, but for some strange reason its not bringing up the set up page?

Its one of the reasons I chose to buy this unit.

I would like to continue with the wifi method unless we cant get it to work.

It should work in the wifi setup mode shouldnt it? Are you saying its not going to work using wifi?

setting up by wifi works, but for simplicity, use lan cable and pc for your first time setup, change your wifi name and password

Unfortunately thats not simple for me since I wont have the laptop till next week

Ok I guess if there is no other solution I have no other choice :frowning:

It doesnt bring up the setup page so it doesnt see any available wifi hotspot networks in the area through the router, there are lots of them around here to choose from and I can see several of them on the phone, so I dont see how changing a wifi password will work? Doesnt it have to see the available hotspots first?

Your phone wifi may have switched wifi when it didn’t detect internet connection, you need to select the option that tells the phone to stay connected to the internet-less wifi

Ensure you are connected to the gl-sft wifi then connect to

You can also double check on your phone, the wifi details, whether the router IP is

Pls first, check the IP address on your phone as @bOcy suggested. It needs to be 192.168.8.x

Second, in your browser, I am not sure you are using or
You should use http, not https. In 3.x firmware https is not enabled I think.

Third, check your phone if you have any vpn enabled. If yes just disable it. This may not matter because your phone does not have Internet and the vpn will not work and take effect.