SFT-1200 Opal open LAN mask?

I have a little SFT-1200 that I use for as a wireless connection to multiple small LANs at different locations.

The issue is from what I understand, the LAN side is limited to /24. And I need open up the LAN side to access devices that range from thru

After a little online searching regarding this issue, I’ve seen screenshots that show the subnet mask can be modified, but the attached screenshot shows what I see. Basically, it states that the LAN is limited to /24 and I cannot modify the subnet at all.

Right now when I move between .18, .19 and .20 networks I have to log into the Opal and change the LAN IP to the local subnet.

Am I truly limited to 255 devices on the LAN side, or am I missing a setting somewhere?

Here is a link to this issue, but I do not have the capability to edit the mask on the guest network either…?

[Modifying subnet mask on Opal (GL-SFT1200)]


Can you do it from LuCi?

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You totally can do it by luci - but the SFT-1200 isn’t really powerful so it might be a problem when they are too many devices.

Thanks, I’ll install and try luci.

I guess the default GUI limits the LAN size because of the limited horsepower this little unit has that you mentioned. But that won’t be an issue for my use…there are a max of only 5 hosts on any network that I will be connecting to.

Regarding luci. I noticed it allows MANY more config options. But, I’m hoping it grabs the running config, and all I will have to modify is the LAN subnet and I should be good-to-go?

Thanks for the inputs.

You can install LuCI without any doubts. My two Opals are running with it since many weeks.

Luci worked great. Didn’t have to touch anything else in the config, just opened the mask to /16 and it’s good to go.