SImple Router with DHCP

Hi. I need a portable WiFi router with DHCP, so that I can setup a small LAN of 4 or 5 laptops, in an area with no electricity or internet connection. Which of your products will let me do this?

Security isn’t a particular issue.

Battery or USB-powered, please.

Thanks, Bass

Which product do you suggest?

About any of their small routers would work. I use a GL-USB150, plugged into my notebook USB port for doing this. It will easily handle multiple PCs, phones and tablets WIFI connected to it. This router also will run for hours plugged into a small USB battery pack.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your reply. Can’t find a GL-USB150 in the UK, so bought a GL-MT300N, ‘MANGO’.

Seems to be working fine…but I’m having difficulty doing what I want to do…

  • On the MAIN LAPTOP, which the Mango is plugged into, we have a WebApp - which runes just fine on LOCALHOST
  • I can connect other devices to the Mango via WiFI
  • I can ping the MAIN LAPTOP & the Mango…

…but I cannot access the WebApp from other connected devices using its IPv4

What am I doing wrongly?

Thanks. Bass

If you can ping the main laptop, I would look at the Windows firewall rules on the main laptop running the WebApp to start with, to make sure the port it is using is open.

Thanks. Will do that, and report back.

I am heartened that you didn’t just say, “Ah, no, that’s not possible!”

It really isn’t possible with TP-Link portable 4G routers, that I considered before GL.

You should be able to make this work. I just did a quick test between to of my systems WIFI attached to the same GL iNet router, and I can remote access between systems, using an app with the port open in the firewall rules.

Er…I don’t quite know how to tell you this…switched Windows Firewall to Private, from Public, and we’re Green for Go!

You were right :slight_smile:
Thanks V much.

This is the application: an Electronic Medical Records system for Low Resource Regions…

It can be you should buy a router which have more than 16MB space for newer firmwares.

So dont by depend of view of small space for newer firmware:

  • GL-AR-150, 300-16, AR750

Buy a router which have 128MB space for newer firmware, like:

  • GL-AR-300M, have low power consume, its available with internal only and with external pluggable antenna
  • GL-AR-750S, have bigger power consume
  • and some other newer one, have bigger power consume

From security point of view, it can be you should use the firmware 3.105 on this time.