Site to Site VPN to UNIFI UDM Pro

I have a weekend house with a GL-SFT1200. Its an amazing powerfull small router.
I was trying to create a site to site vpn with open VPN client on teh GL router but it only allows with a config file.
Any ideas there how to config a Site to Site vpn to my unifi Dream Machine?


You can try the openwrt script

Does anyone know how to do this or could help me though it?

@rmmmrm did you every get this working?
@radishman this script requires two openwrt systems, are Unifi devices openwrt?

I have Unifi Dream Router (UDR) and GL iNet MT3000 (Beryl AX) and I’d like to setup site to site VPN.

UDR has options to set-up site-to-site VPN using Open VPN and Beryl has options using TAP S2S for OpenVPN (it’s unclear if TUN can do site-to-site).

In the UDR config you set-up the local, remote and tunnel IP addresses and a pre-shared key and that’s it.

In the Beryl you configure IP4 subnet, which I assume is the tunnel IP address and then you download a config. file, which various configuration items.

So, what do I do on UDR with the Beryl config information and what do I do on the Beryl with the UDR config? My assumption is that in a very simple Open VPN environment for site-to-site I need to set up equivalent options so each server can connect, but the two set-ups are so different I can’t work out the equivalents.

By equivalent I mean that UDR public IP is the Beryl remote IP and Beryl public IP is the UDR remote IP so they can find each other. The other configurations will be equivalents to allow establishing the tunnel correctly.