Site to site with MT300n-v2 and Wireguard VPN

Just testing out the connection between the office and a test site.

I have sucessfully setup the VPN connection, only problem is the server side (office) cannot talk to any devices on the client side (doesn’t know the subnet to route to) but the client connected has full access to all the devices on there.

What would I add route wise on either side to connect bi directionally for full access?

mt300n-v2 (server side, this is the Wireguard VPN server)
Public IP (static)
Internal 192.168.250.X
VPN subnet *default wireguard)

mt300n-v2 (client side, test office)
Public IP (DHCP)
internal 192.168.15.X
VPN subnet (default wireguard, I copied the config)

would I add the route on the client side or the server side in order for the server side to see the 192.168.15.X subnet on the client side VPN?

anyone know if this document is basically the same idea?

I’m so close just need to figure out why the reversal isn’t working (wireguard server ping wireguard client)