Slate AX firmware 4.0.1 release 2 is out

The fresh firmware 4.0.1 release 2 for Slate AX is just under my radar :slight_smile:

Release note: ( * Set the fan startup temperature to 85°C )

Download here:


The file is failed sync?

I mean after upload the file to the router, it’s failed verify?

need to unzip to tar

Cannot, what is the problem?

Is it me just being confused here about the various versions but this Release2 has not been available on the official firmware download page and today a new version 5.4 appears to have landed on the official page missing this one completely?! I have lost track a bit here and would be grateful for some clarity.

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unzip the axt1800.tar.gz then upload the openwrt-ipq807x-glinet_axt1800-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar file

Noted with thanks. Btw, i have notice the new beta firmware 5.4 release as well on today.

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That’s weird lol. Yes, some clarity would be appreciated.

I don’t know if this is helpful?

Where can one find the Drop-in Gateway mode? Can someone please provide some clear guidance about it? Many thanks.

Just Google the definition of “Drop-In Mode”, it seems to be applied on (Multi-WAN) firewall with same IP on all interfaces and can be placed between Router and LAN( can be dropped in to a previously configured network) it looks very complicated to implement and interesting. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I am really keen on this as I am forced to use another router upstream (need load balance due to my slow internet) from my great Slate AX resulting in an unavoidable double NAT situation. This has caused me a lot of headaches in trying to remotely access my LAN clients (especially when also using VPN at the same time) despite using things like port forwarding, DMZ…etc. I have never heard of this feature before but it sounds like it will be the magical solution for all my problems if I can use the parent router for all the NAT and use the Slate AX at the same time for VPN, AdGuard, DNS…etc.