Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) Wireguard Issue (REKEY-TIMEOUT)

Let me pm you and you can reply me.

I’ve been following this thread for a few weeks hoping to find a solution. I also have the REKEY TIMEOUT issue. Only using mullvad.

  1. New Slate AX 1800
  2. Tried multiple firmwares including the latest 4.2 beta 2.
    -Previous versions didn’t let me pull a mullvad config at all when putting in my account number.
    -4.2 allows me to pull the mullvad account from the settings page, but still have a REKEY TIMEOUT when trying to connect.
    -OpenVPN works
  3. Using the router at home, not 4G/5G
  4. Not using IPV6
  5. Not using DDNS
  6. Commercial mullvad service.
  7. Not using Adguardblock

Can you pm me to help resolve this issue?

I sent you a message.

I am closing this thread because it does not help to solve issues.

I was able to solve most of the issues that comes with me with details. Reasons include wrong server config, vpn service provider bug, ddns issue, UI related bugs, vpn cascading not supported in old firmware etc.

For more info pls refer to 4.x Wireguard REKEY-TIMEOUT troubleshooting

If you have issues of Wireguard connection, please

  1. Read the agove post
  2. Open your own thread with details.

After check. It is old firmware problem. After upgrade to 4.2 it works OK.

After check and deep test, seems the issue is related to parent router (which is a netgear) and mac address. When Slate AX cloned mac address of laptop or phone, wiregard connects. It does not connect with the original mac address. Nothing has been found in the netgear settings related to this. So it is still a mystery.