Slate AX1800 - VPN Policy mode

Hi guys

I’m having some issues in using the VPN Policy mode on my Slate AX1800.
Either I’m doing something wrong or I don’t really understand how this works.

What I want to achieve is:

  • certain sites (apps) on my AppleTV (which is connected to the Slate AX1800) should use VPN
  • rest of the traffic (which is not configured in the policy) should not use VPN
    Ex: HBOMax and Hulu traffic should use VPN while the rest of the traffic runs without VPN.

I connected to the VPN and configured the VPN Client Policy mode as “Based on the target domain or IP” with and configured to use VPN.

However when configured like this nothing works. Neither HBOMax and Hulu nor any other traffice which is not set in the policy (which normaly should not use VPN).

Once I set it back to “Global Proxy” mode eveything works but obviously either all using vpn when it’s on or no vpn when it’s off.

Any ideas?


Which version of firmware is on your Slate?
Do you enable Block non-VPN Traffic in the global options?
Can you provide logs?

I’m using v4.1.0 beta3.
“Block non-VPN Traffic” is not enabled.

I can also provide logs but let me know which ones and how.


Adding only one domain does not work.

Pls check

actualy I had and on the list and it still was not working.
The bigger problem was that nothing was working!

I deleted my wireguard config and re-added it.

USed again both domains: and and it works as expected now.

BTW: anyone know all the domains that need to be added for HBO Max, Hulu and Amazon Prime?