VPN Policy and Android (TV) and Netflix


Wanted to make use of the “new” VPN Policy function on Mango V2.

I want to push the Netflix App on my Android (TV) boxes to a US VPN setting (via NordVPN) but only Netflix as otherwise my local provider apps won’t work as they need to be in local Australia.

I’m assuming for my desktop/notebooks I should be able to use just www.netflix.com as a domain to push through the VPN (as you have to explicitly got to that URL to get Netflix) however does this work for Android Apps too ?

I will have a play when I get a chance but any assistance before playing appreciated.

Worse comes to worse I attache my Android TV to Mango box and use the physical switch to go between VPN and non-VPN, but the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) on that solution will be MUCH lower :slight_smile:


Yes, this is what it supposed to work.

But I am not sure if netflix.com is the only domain for playing netflix videos.

You have to try and if it does not work we would be happy to debug and modify for you.


Netflix.com is not the only domain…I want to exclude netflix from my vpn with foreign ip but this policy is not enough…When streaming starts multiple https connections to more ip start…


You can try search the Internet and find more Netflix domain to add. For example



I’ve founded a list of 148 ip of Amazon streaming servers. I have tried to insert them on a single line in vpn policy exclusion using the ‘|’ like separator but the respons is invalid format…
How can I insert a list of ip in a single row?



I’ve edited the conf file in /etc/route_policy/domain_name/bypass_vpn to insert all 148 ip of netflix and now my esclusion of Netflix streamings is working right! :slight_smile:
The list of Netflix ip is here:
you must do the opposite of what I did: to insert the ip list in “use vpn for” after you have enabled vpn policies and unchecked “use vpn for all processes on the router”



This is a just a text file with all the ips in it? (Sorry I’m kinda new to some of this).

Can you upload a copy (to save me having to type) and might be useful to other users :slight_smile:

I assume I can then just use SSH and copy the file into “use vpn for” ?



Netflix_IP.zip (558 Bytes)
Copy an past the content of this file.
I’have used WinSCP to edit the conf file in /etc/route_policy/domain_name/bypass_vpn


Thanks @antifascista
When I get some time I’ll have a go at it :blush:


The file to modify is manual-list.conf
I’m waiting for your feedback…:wink: