Slate AXT1800 does not connect to NordVPN Server

I managed to setup NordVPN in the router’s admin section. After choosing a server from the server list, the router is trying to set it up and the setup fails (as in it takes literally forever). Any advise would be appreciated.

Is there a log you could share?

I am afraid, that as I new user I cant share the protocol, whcih kind of contradicts teh purpose of a helpline …

Check out this screenshot below. I marked the location of the “view log” button. Please copy and paste here.

This isn’t a helpline. This is a ‘community forum’ of other GL device users & some GL staff. If you don’t want to post logs there’s not much anyone can do for you. You can always email GL directly if you’re concerned about privacy/security.

@lecmipahu already directed you the VPN related logs. General system logs are located @
GL GUI → System → Logs. You can export them there.

All that said, I have a feeling this particular thread is related:

Thank you so so much for your response!!!
I was under some time pressure to resolve the issue and eventually paid someone to help me to get online using the VPN.
So once again thank you!