Slate AXT1800 OpenVPNClient error since update 4.4.5


Since the last 4.4.5 update I performed today, I have an error when connecting OpenVPN client to NordVPN.
Curiously, after restarting the system, there is no error and it works fine on the first VPN connection. But as soon as I cut the VPN connection, unable to reconnect without error on all other attempts :frowning:

In the logs, the error is as follows:

daemon.err ovpnclient[…]: write UDP: Operation not permitted (code=1)

Looking on the internet I think the problem could come from the firewall rules: I opened UDP ports 500 and 1194 from the interface but there is still the error :frowning:

So there is something in the update that caused this.

If someone has an idea ?


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Just reinstall the previous firmware version that was working.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

This bug will be fixed in 4.4.6.