SlateAX Firmware Release w/ Notes

Can you please create a post and pin it at the top of this beta forum so we can know when a new release is out for the SlateAX with release notes as well.


Sure. Let me push for the new beta first.

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V4.0.1 beta1 - July 09,2022

BUG fix:

Fix the problem that the VPN Danshboard cannot be configured.
Fixed the issue that the wireless power could not be modified in some cases.
Fix the problem that THE 5G channel cannot be set to 149-165.
Rectify the error of collecting statistics about the size of network storage files.
Fix the problem that glinet management page cannot be accessed after luci plug-in is installed.
Fixed unauthorized access via RTTY.

New features:

LUCI supports Chinese by default.
Supports IPV6 DDNS.
Bypass mode is supported.

Remaining issues:

WIFI crash when repeater reaches part of hotspot.
Some SD cards cannot be identified.

I’m not quite clear what this is trying to say; expand please?

Wireless module in the router will crash when you try to use a “Repeater” to connect to some 160MHz Wi-Fi. This may cause the device to reboot.

Posted Here.

Thanks @b3b0


I can confirm using “Repeater” rebooting loop when it attempts to connects to a 160 MHz SSID.


Loaded 4.0.1b1 via Uboot. Testing now.