Slow connection through VPN using MangoV2

Hi there, I’m baffled. My mango V2 works a treat until I try to connect through any server in any country using NordVPN (UDP OR TCP) config files.

Speed tumbles from 100mbps down to 6mbps. When I run speed test for example, if I disconnect from the VPN part way through the test, the needle jumps from 6mbps right up to 100 almost instantly. NordNet support seem unable to provide an explanation or solution at this time. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

As you stated you are testing TCP and UDP, so I assume you are using OpenVPN and that NordVPN is probably using AES-256 encryption which is very secure and very slow to calculate on the CPU in a Mango. You can check to see if they support AES-128, and how to enable it, which may speed things up by up to a factor of 2. The other choice is to see if they support Wireguard VPN, which runs much faster on these small routers, as they use a different encryption method that is quicker to calculate with the CPU used in the Mango.


Cheers, so the point you appear to be both making is the router isn’t up to the job. That’s fine. I bought that travel router for use over my slow home ADSL connection and it worked fine; but sounds as though needs updating. Any suggestions for which one to choose on a budget ? many thanks

It depends on what you need. For quick trips, I use a GL iNet USB150, which is even slower then the Mango, but using Wireguard, it works fine for me. If you look at the GL iNet site, they list best case OpenVPN and Wireguard speeds for each router, to give you an idea of what each router is capable of, but remember these are best case numbers, and real life values will probably be lower.

For longer trips I use a GL-AR750S-Ext, as I like the 3 wired 1GB Ethernet ports and support for 2.4 and 5Ghz WIFI networks. I’m not fond of the new GL-MT1300, as it uses proprietary WIFI drivers, and there have been a lot of people reporting issues with it. It seems to take GL iNet some amount of time to get new products stable.

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Great reply, thanks.
I don’t really care about it for travelling. I just want the best possible home VPN router on budget that will give the best speed.
Best I’m going to get for the money ?

I have never used a GL-MV1000, so I will let others reply on how well it works for a home router.

As I have Gigabit service at my place, I am using a multi-core Intel x86-64 box for my home router, as I don’t feel any of the current GL iNet products can handle that speed, along with handling my VPN and my security filtering requirements.