Slow wifi on Flint AX1800

Just received the router from amazon. came with firmware version 3.214 pre-installed.

Installed the latest stable firmware from GL.iNet download center
which is version 4.10 (release 6)

For some reason the wifi speed on 5ghz is not correct? i was getting about 500-600mb with my century link router and with this router im getting around 200mb…
Im sitting right next to the router and was not expecting this.
Do i need to return this router?

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Did you keep settings? The wifi settings in 4.x and 3.x is not comptible.

4.x wifi for AX1800 is a little bit slower than 3.x but should not be big difference.

The worst case is that you go back to 3.x

i did use “keep settings” initially. but it broke the wifi so I had to reset it.
How do i go back to version 3.x?
i did the System > Reset firmware>
that did not go back to 3.x - it only “cleaned up” the current installed version 4.x

Also, are you saying that my speed is ok on wifi?

You need to use uboot to flash back 3.x firmware.

No. I mean a little difference is OK.
Can you adjust wifi settings to test more?

sure - what do i need to adjust?

Did you ever test wifi speed on 3.x firmware?

Can you give me some details about the speedtest?

Are you connect AX1800 to your main router via WAN cable, then test wifi on 5G? Or do you using repeater?

Also post the screenshot of your 5G wifi settings for reference.

Yes - before updating firmware i was getting between 400-500 on wifi - which is ok.

AX 1800 is my main router via WAN cable. not repeater.

here screenshots of Ethernet speed - which is normal. and 5gz wifi settings screenshot below.

And here is screenshot with wifi 5ghz - i was standing right next to the router. Upload speed i think is ok. download is terrible.
Laptop is macbook pro M2 with 16gb ram

How did you do the update? did you go from the “.img” file and update it locally ?
i see you have the channel set to 36 - what happens if you set to auto? does speed remain same?

first time updated from 3.214 via uboot with .img to 4.0.1 beta. after that updated with .tar for every new beta versions until the stable 4.1.0 (or beta 4.1.0 release 6).
i’m using channel 36 as all other channels are used by my neighbours apart from 36. if i’ll set it on auto will pick 36 so… 36 :slight_smile:

and wired:

and VPN (wireguard) wired (raspberry pi 4) speeds (server is 1600 miles away therefore ping is a lil bit high) but not important for my needs with vpn:

i didn’t use uboot to update it, i just grabbed the .img and uploaded to the router via admin panel.
Not sure if that the correct way? but it worked, would that have to do anything with it?

The 277, 463 speed test is on 5G wifi? So what is tyhe 566, 599 speedtest? Also the same right?

I notice that the speedtest server is different. Can you choose the same server?

That wasn’t me - that was the other user’s picture.

Sorry for messed up. Can you private message me your mac address?

Also can you change the TX power from MAX to High and test again? Also try change speedtest server.

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in am located in UK, he’s in US. picking the same server will not be relevant. i’ve picked a server 80 miles away and another one 60 miles away

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the answer to your question might/should come from a GL.iNet engineer/developer. i am just an user…

This is for sure a problem, M1 max over here with 1200mbps roof, i was getting around 700-800 mbps symmetrical bandwith, now not getting over 300mbps but getting OK upload of 500-600, is this bug getting fixed?|