Sometimes boot NOR sometimes boot NAND

I can not control how router boot, into NOR or NAND. Sometimes boots correct and other times it boots NOR and shares actual MAC etc.! Is this something I can fix?

Pls check the uboot version?

Can you upgrade the uboot if not updated uboot-for-qca95xx/bin at master · gl-inet/uboot-for-qca95xx · GitHub

Do you happen to have instructions for checking uboot version and to update the uboot?

The uboot version should in the uboot web panel. But older uboot may not have the version number on the UI.

The uboot can be upgraded in

Probably not updated. I will check. But md5 is 771… Not same as in filename. How can it be that md5sum is in filename? Please explain so I can use the correct uboot.

I did this. I was stupid. I should have waited for answer about md5.

Anyway it says it is uploading, I can close window. Now, three lights on all the times. I can no uboot now. Can not do anything with this. Or is there a way?

Does someone else have problem that upgrade uboot makes it brick?

Which file did you use?

It does not boot if pose cycle?

Use uboot-gl-ar300m-20201224-md5-d06d53166f9eb2cb321c15c3ec0a87e0.bin. I hope this is correct? There is no explanation for the firmwares on this page also.

I don’t understand “pose cycle?” What are you saying to me? It does not boot or uboot in any normal ways. Always three lights on, nothing can change this now.

Sorry I mean power cycle.

You cannot enter uboot again?

No I can not enter uboot. Always three lights on. From the second I connect the power until the second I disconnect this. Buttons do not make change.

Uboot did work but I tried upgrade uboot and now it is always three lights.

I can open this and do some thing to reset manually maybe?

Does not even provide Link light. (Yes I try different cables/interfaces/usb power)

Seems it is bricked. You can open and connect UART to check the console output?

I don’t really understand UART. What do I need to purchase and how do I connect this?

I think I have some uart. Is every one same? I don’t know what application I need to talk to console. But if you can tell me I can probably use this. Linux, not Windows please.

For Linux pls use gkermit

For USB to UART adapter, pls make sure yours is 3.3V not 5V.

Okay but still you don’t say what I must connect to inside router, and what I am doing exactly with (g)kermit. You give me a link that say how to connect. Okay but this is easy part. Difficult is how physically connecting to box and what do I do when I have connection? Kermit is not magical fix, only serial interface software. I must do some things in serial interface. What things must I do?

(Okay 3.3V, thank you.)

You open the case and you will see the pins

On the pins there are marks of GND, TX, RX. You should connect them to your USB UART.

For gkermit I think in the guide it said everything step by step.

No it did not. The guide only describes how to connect. It does not describes what to type to fix uboot. There is nothing about how to use uart connection, just only how to make connection. Please read guide and you will see this: UART Serial - GL.iNet Docs

There is a page that come next and this page talks about uboot but the problem is that there is no uboot. If uboot could exist, I do not need UART. You can tell me TFTP settings and I can TFTP.

What is needed is exact steps.

  1. Make connection
  2. Type _____
  3. Type ______

Also thank you for this diagram. You can promise that I will open router and “GND” “TXD” an d"RXD" have labels? Or you must tell me the exact pin on exact chip maybe?

Maybe let me be clear:

It is highly likely that your uboot is bricked.

So I asked you connect UART and check uboot output.

And that is all. No how to fixed uboot now. Only after you can connect UART and check uboot output.

The guide is how to connect and how to set up the environment for troubleshooting, only.

No how to fixed uboot now. Only after you can connect UART and check uboot output.

Okay but then why must I do this? Will you give me instructions to fix when I give you uboot output? Because is a lot of work to do this if it is only for you to know and not to help me to fix.