[Special Edition] Introducing GL-SF1200, the Best-value Gigabit Wireless Router

Introducing GL-SF1200, the best-value gigabit wireless router combined with security features. :closed_lock_with_key:
It’s perfect for families and businesses looking for powerful Wi-Fi but cost-effective network security options! :bulb:
Buy now⚡https://store.gl-inet.com/products/gl-sf1200-wireless-gigabit-router-dual-band-openvpn

Hi @Leo, you got ahead of me, I just wanted to create a topic on the forum with this router.

This router US version only?
This router has a wall mount?
Can you give us full specs on hardware? In store not full info, have not info about CPU and Switch chips models

User manual can be found:


  • Its possible to replace the mounted antennas byself by other sma or bnc connected one ?

  • How about support of gl firmware version 3.105, the last one non DNS leaky one by this router ?

And by the way:

  • What are the benefit of 4 antennas ?
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This router US version only?
As I know, the answer is NO.

This router has a wall mount?
Need to ask @alzhao

Can you give us full specs on hardware? In store not full info, have not info about CPU and Switch chips models

Does it have chip SF19A28 and same specs like Opal?
SF19A28, Dual-Core @1GHz
DDR3 256MB
SPI NAND Flash 128MB
2.4GHz (300Mbps), 5GHz (867Mbps)
USB 2.0
No SD Card

The specs are in the document @Henry_Bruns linked to, more specifically here: GL-SF1200 - GL.iNet Docs

800mhz, NOR 16MB, DDR2 128MB.

In docs not full info, for this router have not switch chip
For others some routers not full info too
For example Brume-W have not info about wifi chip and e.t.c.

What about wireguard and ovpn speed?

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What about vanilla OpenWrt supporting?

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it always comes later
introduce a new model —> 1 year come -----> openwrt vanilla

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We only have US power adapter for this router at the moment. We might be able to ship it to European countries but we need time to deal with the CE certification…

You can mount it on the wall.

They’re 5dBi external antennas for better wireless performance, two 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and two 5GHz Wi-Fi

Does it realy use two sorts of antennas ?
Can save money by useing 2 dual frequency antennas and use the saved money for firmware improvements.

What is the shipping and handling cost, for one units, to a mainland USA address?

  1. Can it do access point mode only? I already have a more powerful wired router

  2. I’m in China. How do I change the language to English? Is there any difference in the firmware to the export version? Can I easily flash a vanilla firmware directly from OpenWRT?

I just bought it. The answer to both is “Yes”. It can switch to access point only and yes, it has English available.

I can’t believe how good value this thing is. In terms of software it looks more powerful than an EdgeRouter Lite. I can’t even bring myself to switch it to AP and not even use the functions.
What’s the catch??

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