Spitz AX lost settings AGAIN

Last night my spitz AX went off line. Looked in the setting and all of my settings were gone. I had to re-enter the APN and other settings for AT&T. This happened to me several months ago on two different routers. Now it’s happened again.
The firmware shows: Version 4.0
0406 release 1

You didn’t do anything
The device suddenly cleared its configuration on its own?
Only modem configuration or all configuration?

Just to confirm: only your cellular settings were wiped out? Other settings like your WiFi name and password remain?

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Can you check:

  1. Set up everything
  2. reboot the device and check if your settings are still there

Suspect that the system has problems so settings are not saved at all.

They stay there. I have it set up to reboot everyday at midnight and settings stay. Now twice on this router and once on my other Spitz my APN, TTL, MTU settings are gone. I also delete your profiles for Verizon, Visible, etc and when my settings disappear your profiles come back

Yes, cellular settings only, wifi name, pw, etc are still there. This has happened to me twice now and on two different Spitz Ax routers

So… on my X3000, I’ve never had this issue. But, on my AXT1800 with GL-M2 dev board, I do have a similar problem where the modem settings are sometimes reset on reboot or when disconnecting/reconnecting the M2 board. I’ve found that if I create a profile with my desired settings and then manually apply them (“Manual Setup” button then click on the “Select a profile” text) they do persist.

I did have a saved profile. It was deleted and the ones that come on it from the factory were restored.

I had this happen once as well early in my setup. I have not had since then. I wonder if an invalid setting gets written somehow that kicks out the config when loading. If it happens again I will try to investigate further.

Did you reboot immediately after you changed the Settings?
Is this the scheduled reboot you set?

No, I don’t reboot immediately after changing the settings. Am I supposed too? Either way it would go for 6 months without losing them since it reboots every night.
Yes reboots are scheduled in your GUI as you show in the pix

No, I’m just asking for some information

You experienced two or three events where the configuration was lost
It always takes six months to reappear?

Had the same problem and both of my units. Sometime last fall. There is a post on here about it, if you search my username. Exact same issue. The unit at our vacation home did it, then this one did it a few weeks later

It was January, not last fall


Ok, let’s try to repeat the question
If you have any more clues on this issue, please let me know

Did it again this morning. APN and other settings were reset. I do notice that it always happens in the mornings. I have the router reset at midnight so it appears maybe the settings occasionally get deleted when it reboots at midnight?

Firmware say 0406 release1 and says “latest firmware”. I went to your site and downloaded the latest and installed it via the local update. Will see what this does
How come your software said I had the latest firmware but it wasn’t?

hello, I think I know what the problem is.
Can you share the device to GoodCloud for me to verify?