Spitz AX SIM Card lock


I have a Spitz AX that has been running smoothly for six months.
Since last week I have no longer a connection via the SIM card because the wrong PIN code was allegedly entered.
I haven’t changed anything in the system for months.
The SIM card works perfectly in the smartphone.
What can I do to get the router working again?
Firmware is 4.4.6


Does the sim card have a pin code lock?

Yes, Code is properly set.

Can you execute this command and send me the results?

same SIM (vodafone) problem here with same release…

Can you send me the result of this AT instruction?

It comes back with “ERROR”



It comes back with
+QPINC: “SC”,3,10
+QPINC: “P2”,3,10


The return result of this command is also sent to me

It comes back with


Can’t dial when dialing with the correct pin code you set?

I use the PIN code I always use for my mobile phone. So yes; I have entered the PIN code correctly.

Can the pincode that removes the sim card on the phone dial?

I do not understand? What do you mean?

Can we do this remotely?

Not sure how we can do this remotely

anydesk or through goodcloud
Technical Support via GoodCloud.tar (192 KB)

Sorry, but I prefer not. And I cannot connect to the internet right now anyway with this router. I use my other router to communicate with you

Just want to confirm if the sim card can dial normally without the pin code limit

This sim card pin limit should be able to be lifted on the phone