Spitz AX - Strong 5g drops to 4g, reboot is the only way to get 5g back

Good morning all,

I’ve had a Spitz AX for a few weeks now and the feature set is great and I get good speeds on the 5G network here in the UK.

My router is pointed directly at the 5G mast, I get a solid 5G signal but it drops to 4G a few times a day. At first I would try to reposition the router thinking this was the issue, but I would never lock on to the 5G signal again. I tried an earlier firmware and I thought this had fixed it as after rebooting it was on 5G again, but then it dropped. I reflashed the latest firmware and boom - 5G again. You guessed it, dropped after a few hours.

I then realised it was the actual rebooting the modem that helped it rebind to the 5G. So now I have to reboot the modem a couple of times a day.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so is there a fix?

Thank you

Update the modem module to latest firmware. Instructions are in this post: Flashing Quectel on X3000 Spitz AX? - #53 by packetmonkey

Once you have done that, update the router firmware to the latest as well .

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That was nice and easy, thank you, all done. Can’t flash latest router FW though as already on it.

First thing I noticed is a HUGE increase in my 5G signal strength and quality (RSRP -85, RSRQ -7,SINR 15)

I will check stability over the next couple of days, many thanks for the info. I owe you a coffee!

Glad it worked! I prefer German weissbeer though :grinning:

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Me too hahah, you definitely deserve one, so far the the signal hasn’t dropped, very happy, cheers! :beers:

What’s your Reddit username? I’ll DM you and ping you a few bucks to your crypto wallet :+1:t3:

I’ve still seen issues with the newest firmware. Strong 5g SA signal will drop to 5g NSA and then sometimes even drop to 4G. For some reason, the router does not look for the best connection and jump back up to 5g SA unless a reboot occurs. You would probably have to lock onto a tower or band. Although I’ve tried this and the router will simply lock up and shut down. A reboot fixes it but the router should be always searching for the best possible connection in my opinion.
I’m no longer recommending this router to my friends because I seem to be the one that has to hear about their troubles with the same issues and I don’t have time to be constantly fixing theirs let alone mine.


Thanks! But, I don’t use Reddit nor Crypto - Cheers!

You may check the the other forum posts to get the most out of your new Spitz device.

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I had similar problems but after updating the modem it was so much better, but I still had flapping between 4G/5G.

This is better now since using the AT cmd to lock the current tower, please look here

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