Spitz AX won't connect to ATT 5G

I have a Spitz AX and can’t get it to connect to ATT 5G. It will connect to 4G. Sim card gets 5G in my phone. Plan is ATT premium unlimited phone plan
Magic is done.
With APN= nxtgenphone gets 4g
APN = enhancedphone. Just sits their searching.
Downloaded latest firmware.
Also tried resetting firmware and re-entering the data- still no joy!

Try apn nrbroadband worked with my Netgear nighthawk

You can lock band to check if it connects to 5G.

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It appears that ATT didn’t provision the sim for 5G. I noticed that when the sim was in the phone it said 5G e not 5G+. They are sending a new sim. I will report back. Thanks

Got the new sim from ATT. Now I can connect to 5G NSA but not 5G SA. If I block all 4G and 5G NSA bands I don’t have any connection. Any thoughts?

Found out that ATT doesn’t support 5G SA

ATT 5G SA only works on some devices for now and still working on more:

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Thanks very much. I will wait on SA

@littleboss Wanted to tag in on this thread. I posted some extensive findings across the forum here.

What was the actual plan you used to get any 5G at all? I’m on a 5G tablet plan that works in all my other hotpot devices except the Spitz 5G…

Unlimited premium. Has been working fine now for several months since ATT got it configured for 5G