Spitz AX3000 for RV - include GPS

Hi there! I bought my Spitz AX to use in my RV. Have got it installed as i wished and it is running nicely.

One feature i wish it had out of the box was GPS functionality. This would be to have the location of the RV ready available for eg. mapping travel tracks, check where the RV is right now, having the position on a map on a webinterface, but maybe even to have the location broadcast to devices in the RV (fallback navi, an iPad without GPS etc.)

My former router in the RV was a teltonika RUT 955 that had this functionality ready available. Here is the documentation for the RUT: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_GPS

I found this [howto] GL-X3000 GPS configuration guide instructions on the forum but even if i know how to paste into a terminal, was to technical for me.

An step-by-step tutorial would be so great! But the best would be to have the features built in the Spitz :wink:
i have read that the gl inet business routers have that functionality, so i guess it would be not a big thing to implement it into the spitz firmware. Especially as it is announced as RV Router.

Thanks for reading! Any ideas?

Cheers, Philipp


Not an answer to your GPS question, but I use both an AirTag and a Tile device in my RV. AirTag in my desk drawer, Tile is hidden elsewhere.

The gist of the posting is that you use gpsd to create a network GPS device you can poll from other software. I agree that it is not necessarily something that a layperson will want to do, but if you take some time is it not TOO hard to follow the logic on it.

I agree, though, this should be part of the core X3000 feature set. At least setting up gpsd and providing instructions for accessing it. I say that without really know what all that would take to get a workable feature at scale.

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thanks, interesting way of doing this!
I like the way teltonika is doing it though, you just activate GPS functionality in the router (and add an antenna) and you can track your RV immediatly and use different online services to get tracks and locations of your vehicle.


I couldn’t agree more. I have the extra GPS antenna cable already avalable and if it is just a bit of software that can be copied over; why not? All RV’s/Motorhomes have this requirement and it would defenitely be a big enhancement.

You can get GPS location from the modem using AT command. But unfortuntely we haven’t been able to develop a comprehensive GPS solution.

Even the teltonika GPS functions are more on the development side, not consumer side.

We have to think about how to provide good user experience before we design a solution.

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My thoughts on a first step: create a script that sends AT gps commands every 60 seconds. Take the returned gps coordinates and map them on an openstreet map.
On the user experience side: create a button that says: enable gps tracking. When enabled, provide an opestreet map that shows every 60 seconds an update of the actual gps location.
Second step: enable a choice for 60 sec/5min/1 hr/12 hrs/24hrs

Thank you for your answer. I have to say, the solution of teltonika is very forward and easy to use even for consumers. Here is a link to the manual of the RUT 955 which is quite an old model. Everything you could need is there: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_GPS
The AVL feature is great (actually this would be the most important for me), there is a map view direct on the router config page, you can even do geofencing to protect your vehicle. If you would just copy this UX, it would already be nice :wink:
I truly think there is much room for improvement on the GL-inet side if you compare it to them, sorry.

Yes, It does not need to be complicated. All that is really need is the ability to turn NMEA on and off and to be able to select either TCP or UDP protocol and the port. Anyone can then configure any app that they chose to pull that data and send it anywhere they might need. I’d like to incorporate it into my Victron Solar equipment or even to Node Red.
Please, please, please assign a software engineer to incorporate this functionality in order to take advantage of the hardware features of the RM520N-GL modem.

In our X300B-GPS version, we do have simle UI so that you upload the GPS data to your cloud.

I do agree that we need to take some effort to put this on other products. This may not be fast though.

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I am currently searching for a work around. I can easily enable GPS via AT Commands and send and read data using TCP/IP on a remote PC. My issue is that Victron does not read NMEA data over TCP/IP. I am trying to use SOCAT that will read the data and send it to the proper ports on the Victron equipment. I know that this is not a GL-iNet problem. The only thing I would wish for on your end is a way to enable/disable GPS and a simple configuration page for making changes (ie. TCP/UDP and port number). But I have not investigated deeply yet into the gpsd utility to see if I can change settings on the GL-X3000 or not. I have seen other modems with GPS capabilities that have an extensive configuration user interface for this purpose. Hoping that someday something may become available on the GL-X3000 as well.