Spitz GL-X3000 5G NR wont connect to AT&T

How do i get tte Spitz GL-X3000 5G NR to connect to AT&T? I have a sim from an ipad with an unlimited tablet plan. Do i need to change the IMEI or APN? There’s nothing in the instructions that came with the router. Its brand new i just received it yesterday. Thanks, Bill

Hi @contactprinter check out Internet - GL.iNet Router Docs 3 . While the documentation is for a different device the setup should be the same.

Beware, some users have reported that AT&T only allows IMEIs from whitelisted devices. If the above setup does not work check out one of the other posts about AT&T: Spitz AX won't connect to ATT 5G


Hey, thanks alot for the links i appreciate that! I was able to get it going so thanks. You wouldn’t happen to know which lucy-app is the GUI? There’s a lot of them in the plugins but all with different extensions lucy-app-??