Spitz Gl x3000 repeater issue

The main item I need to work is the repeater for the RV. Most State parks have wifi and some crappy but it cant enter my all metal RV.
I finally got my Spitz installed and the repeater constantly connects and reconnects then kicks my phone off of wifi on both 2.5 and 5g. Its so bad. This shouldnt be this bad out of the box. I updated to the latest stable firmware. I am using the external antennas on my mobil mark 5g/ lan antenna.
I am not using any apps or vpn. I only connected to wifi networks and added my cell card. Other than that nothing touched.

My issue was user errer explained in post below.

Please post all the logs so that people can help you.

logread.zip (26.7 KB)
Here is the log. I booted it up and saved them.

I checked the logs and I did not see any issues except some disassociation packets, which could be a result of either a disassociation attack or some incompatibility. The MAC addresses are changing in your logs for a Netgear equipment!

Please try the settings mentioned in this post, it may help you: WiFi inactivity timeout

Since I am new to this unit I may have not given it enough time to connect. It takes a while to get cell and repeater connected. I have two wifi networks. It would connect to one and then say connected without internet. I would connect to the next one. Every time I switch with networks it kicks the phone off of wifi.

Once I waited a bit the router aquired internet from the repeater and stay locked on. Then didn’t kick my phone off of wifi. I would venture to say my customer support request was user error from not knowing how it works… I will edit my original post.