Spitz (GL-X750v2) on Mint Wireless in USA

Hi everyone, looks like I will be taking an extended camping trip soon, and I will be wanting to work from the road.

I’m curious if anyone with a Spitz GL-X750v2 has had a good experience with Mint Mobile here in the USA. I have very little money at the moment and don’t want to purchase a data plan from them only to find out it won’t work.

I’m planning to use the Spitz just for access, and connect to my private Wireguard VPN via a Slate Plus which will be behind the Spitz. The setup will be like so:

(LAN) —> (Slate Plus) —Wireguard—> (Wireguard server) —> Internet

I did find the following thread which is a bit concerning:

Can anyone tell me if my Wireguard server needs an IPv6 address to be usable like this via Mint?? Currently it only has an IPv4 but that’s mainly due to laziness on my part.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m currently living somewhere where I can’t work, and I’m depending on this camping trip to be able to catch up. Knowing which data plan to purchase will make a big difference to me.

Also, I see Mint Mobile limits its “unlimited” plans to 10GB “mobile hotspot” data … anybody happen to know offhand if I can ignore that as long as the router (I guess the Spitz) is setting the TTL to a certain value?

Here is a discussion about data using T-Mobile network:


That’s helpful. I wasn’t really aware that changing IMEI was possible until I started looking into this.

I had my Spitz working on T-Mobile for a short time about 15 months ago under the COVID-related Emergency Broadband Benefit, but then the benefit “didn’t go thru” and left me with a bill with T-Mobile which I am contesting, hence my reason for wanting to use an MVNO like Mint.

So far signs look promising that it may work but I am not positive yet.

Ended up getting a Mint Mobile plan for the Spitz GL-X750v2.

Put the SIM card in, hit “auto activate,” then activated the card on Mint’s web site as the Android app didn’t want to do it for me.

It appears to be working great. It’s connected via the T-Mobile network.

If it stops working great in the next couple days or for any weird administrative reason, I’ll come back and edit this post.

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My next question is - how well do they detect “hotspot” usage vs not.

As of early July 2023, the 40GB “unlimited” plan at Mint Mobile comes with less “hotspot” data than the 20GB plan, all of which can be used as “hotspot” if desired.

Of course I’d like to get the 40GB plan and use all the data with my Spitz.

If anybody has experiences with Mint and this issue I would love to hear it!