Spitz X750v2 - trying to install EXTROOT


I’m trying to install EXTROOT on my Spitz X750v2 (firmware version 3.217) using this guide:

When I run the ‘opkg install’ command, I get the following error message:

opkg install parted
Unknown package ‘parted’.
Collected errors:

  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package parted.

It looks like the ‘parted’ package is not part of the pacakages.gz file? I did read several similar posts on installing EXTROOT, but did not see any solutions?

Is it not possible to install EXTROOT on the Spitz X750v2? Thanks.


It appears that the package parted is missing for a long time.
You should go with the newest beta firmware: GL.iNet download center


Thanks for the quick reply. I am reluctant to run beta firmware on a device I use regularly.


Guess that’s the only way to get EXTROOT running since parted isn’t available in the repos right now.


Sounds good. I might do a backup of my current configuration and test the beta firmware. Thanks for confirming that I wasn’t overlooking/missing something.


The beta is mostly stable enough to be used. And you can go back all the time, if you like to.
Just give it a try.


Frustrating…upgraded to beta. Ran out of space trying to install EXTROOT on new firmware without installing LUCI.

root@GL-X750:~# opkg install block-mount kmod-fs-ext4 e2fsprogs parted
Package block-mount (2022-06-02-93369be0-2) installed in root is up to date.
Installing kmod-fs-ext4 (5.10.176-1) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/kmod-4.3.2/x750/kmod-fs-ext4_5.10.176-1_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing kmod-lib-crc16 (5.10.176-1) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/kmod-4.3.2/x750/kmod-lib-crc16_5.10.176-1_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing e2fsprogs (1.46.5-2) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/e2fsprogs_1.46.5-2_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing libuuid1 (2.37.4-1) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/libuuid1_2.37.4-1_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing libblkid1 (2.37.4-1) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/libblkid1_2.37.4-1_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing libcomerr0 (1.46.5-2) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/libcomerr0_1.46.5-2_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing libss2 (1.46.5-2) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/libss2_1.46.5-2_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing libext2fs2 (1.46.5-2) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/libext2fs2_1.46.5-2_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing parted (3.4-2) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/parted_3.4-2_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing libparted (3.4-2) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/libparted_3.4-2_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing terminfo (6.3-2) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/terminfo_6.3-2_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing libncurses6 (6.3-2) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/libncurses6_6.3-2_mips_24kc.ipk
Installing libreadline8 (8.1-1) to root…
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v22.03.4/packages-4.2/ath79/packages/libreadline8_8.1-1_mips_24kc.ipk
Configuring terminfo.
Configuring libuuid1.
Configuring kmod-lib-crc16.
Configuring libblkid1.
Configuring kmod-fs-ext4.
Configuring libparted.
Configuring libncurses6.
Configuring libreadline8.
Configuring parted.
Configuring libcomerr0.
Configuring libss2.
Configuring libext2fs2.
Configuring e2fsprogs.
Updating database.
Collected errors:

  • parse_from_stream_nomalloc: Missing new line character at end of file!
  • parse_conffiles: Failed to parse Conffiles line for openvpn-openssl
    Database update completed.
    Collected errors:
  • opkg_conf_write_status_files: Couldn’t close //usr/lib/opkg/status: No space left on device.

Oh well…


Going to try to remove a couple packages and see if I can then install EXTROOT.


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This might be helpful:

As might this…

Theodopolus, bring.fringe18,

EXCELLENT! I was able to install and get EXTROOT to work on my GL-X750V@ following your instructions and suggestions. I used F2FS as the file system. Thank you!!!


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Congratulations! May all your opkg install be swift.

Feel free to mark the ‘solution’ to let others who may stumble on a similar scenerio.