Starlink with Beryl AX No Internet

I have bypassed the starlink router and have been using an old mikrotik hap ac with no problem. However, connecting the starlink to my new Beryl ax I show that I have an internet connection, but it is unusable (pages timeout etc.) I get the expected IP address from the dish ( but I notice that the gateway is very different that when I use the mikrotik router. instead of 100. something.

What change(s) are needed to the beryl configuration to use starlink connected directly to it?

Hi seekingsanity:

The support team has received your email, please communicate in the email.

Hi there!

I have just purchased a Beryl AX router and are having the exact same issues!

Can anyone tell me what im missing here?

Internet connection is apparently active, but no pages load! :frowning:

After a few exchanges with tech support with no progress, they then connected to my router remotely. They were unable to solve the problem, nor was I. I returned the AX and purchased a different brand. Working fine now.

Good luck.

Oh thats disappointing! What make/model did you end up with?

Still waiting for my Starlink Ethernet adapter but is this topic solved in the meantime?
Is Starlink as WAN link supported now? @dengxinfa

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