Static Route Help

Hello folks - could someone point me to some (dumb) resources to understand how to configure static routes? I’ve got 2 routers:

1 PRIMARY - Linksys Velop which has a PPPOE connection to the internet.
2 GS1300 - Plugged in to my Velop and running a VPN (has a different subnet)

Within my network, I’d like for both to access devices connected to each other.


If S1300 is attached to Velop, the LAN device on S1300 can access Velop’s LAN device directly. But you had started VPN on S1300, please refer to this thread. Server IP of the VPN endpoint not reachable - #8 by kyson-lok

If you wan to access S1300’s LAN devices from Velop, you should configure static route on your Velop.

Thanks - that’s exactly what I’m asking - can you help with a few examples on how I can configure static route on the Velop?