Stock Firmware Slowing Things Down?

I saw a recent post on Facebook that someone where someone was asking how to get something to work with rooter Goldenorb on their Spitz. They claimed that it was a lot faster than stock firmware.

I wasn’t 100% convinced that was true, but I recently got a GL-MiFi with the EP06-A module. Over the Ethernet port, I was lucky to see 30Mbps, but I just assumed that I was in a bad location.

When I flashed the firmware to rooter Goldenorb, my speeds increased to >90Mbps. I flashed back to stock once more and tried it again, and it was back to 30Mbps. I flashed Goldenorb again, and the speeds were back to 90Mbps.

This is a 3x speed increase over the stock firmware. What could be slowing down the connection so much with the stock firmware?

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What provider were you using, was it Verizon or Visible by any chance?

I’m looking at this with AT&T

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How did you do this?
I’m interested.

I am seeing slightly faster speeds with ROOter Golden Orb but not 3x.

@Tanbam were you testing both firmware on the same band?

Yes, I was testing the same bands, same Speedtest servers. I was shocked at the results, because I couldn’t believe the difference.

I haven’t kept Golden Orb on it, because I haven’t figured out how to load balance my WAN port with the modem on it yet, and I can’t be without internet too long before the peasants come for me with torches and pitchforks.

Maybe I’ll play with it some more tonight and take some actual data points so the firmwares can be compared more carefully.

For what it’s worth, I have the box connected to an external 2x2 MIMO panel antenna that is pointed directly at a line-of-sight tower a few miles away via SMA pigtails connected to Main and Div on the EP06-A.

Can you post a photo and put up some details, please.

Ok, I’ve spent some time with it this evening.

I found out that one of my issues was that I was trying to help some people and had my router using the USB3 setting. Setting it back to the default value gave me back some speed, but it is still significantly slower using stock firmware

I tested every band combination that I can access on AT&T with my EP06-A card at my location on the GL-iNet firmware, but I didn’t test every combination on the ROOTer Golden Orb, because I’m missing something with the band changes in that firmware. Every time I change the bands, I have to reboot to get a connection, and frankly it was taking too long for each combination.

A typical example is my results from Band 4:
GL-iNet firmware = 47.97Mbps
ROOTer G O = 90.53Mbps
47% slower on stock firmware

Using my fastest CA combination, 5 and 66:
GL-iNet firmware = 66.34Mbps
ROOTer G O = 98.92Mbps
33% slower on stock firmware

If I’m not mistaken, the GL-MiFi has a 100Mb ethernet port, so I think I’m being bottlenecked by that port at this point. I would be perfectly content to be limited to 100Mbps, but I’d rather use the GL-iNet firmware because I really prefer that interface.

This kind of performance hit, though, will keep me on the other firmware

This is very strange. I will have a test in my side.

I can confirm seeing similar results

Thank you for helping confirm that it’s not just me.

Which modem are you using? I’m using an EP06-A. I’m wondering if it affects more modem cards.

Can you try disabling GLTertf and see if it gets better?

@Tanbam I am also using an EP06-A

Seems it is QMI mode problem. The default firmware seems to have a problem with QMI.

I used China Unicom and filled APN directly into the Rooter. After reboot the device, the modem was successfully connected to the Internet, but the speed was no more than 1M.
In the same environment, I used GL firmware and clicked Auto Setup to obtain a speed of 20M.
In Rooter, do you have any particular configuration?

TanBam I believe I was the one that was talking about the speed difference between glinet and goldenorb on my x750 it is a huge difference glad that you see it as well

the load balancing is so simple and if you go to the forum they are quick to help and they are great guys. I asked all sorts of dumb question that us newbies ask and they were more then helpful and never gave me a hard time about being new to to os

Alzhao strange or not its a fact and I like the GUI of glinet but the speed difference when I have 20+ devices connected keeps me on goldenorb I check every day for the 19.0 firmware update hoping that will make a difference

luochongiun, no, I don’t use any special configuration. I just set the APN and go.

I do think it’s an issue with the GL Firmware and QMI mode with Visible/Verizon. (I don’t have another provider to test with)

I just did a few speed tests with both locked to Band 66.