Streaming Down/Upload speeds on all GL models

1st time poster…

Based on another (older) post, and a suggestion to make new thread - I was looking for a portable router and found the GL series. Which are very very Cool! With the Open source sensibility and VPN etc.

I am pretty much sold, though before buying, given I want to do periodic remote interview podcast type live streams ie downloading 1 or 2 live interviewee streams and upload a single live-stream to various public platforms - so I am taking note of the down/upload speeds.

As mentioned by wcs2228 in that older post “5Mbps for HD 1080p H.265 video encoding only 2.5 Mbps will be required”.

Sounds like a silly question, but Is the 300 or 600Mbps(2.4GHz) WiFi ample for streaming outbound, and what about the 1000Mbps Ethernet speeds on all of the GL series ample to stream HD whilst simultaneously downloading a HD stream?

And I assume the Wifi and VPN functionality can be switched off if required?

Question is which model is sufficient?

Thanks in advance.

The speed of 2.4ghz would be sufficient as long as your are not too far away. The more prominent issue with 2.4ghz is interference and limited channels. Devices like cordless phones and microwaves cause interference, and the 3 non-overlapping channels that get congested quickly. That will have a much more impactful influence on performance in most cases. Have you used anything like Netspot or similar to see what the airspace looks like? If you can run that for a bit and post a screenshot I might be able to help a little with choosing wireless channels.

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Thanks for the tip, though as I would be using router in remote situations only (with a SIM card) I cannot tell what environment would be like.Though will d/l that app now, seems handy.

I will say, the router would sit no more than say 1-2 meters from my laptops, I would most likely use Ethernet only for laptop/s, but with a roving WiFi type camera I would use WiFi to send HD roving video to laptop/s, to then stream video out again using VMix via SIM card.

So I guess the GL router needs to have SIM card capabilities as well…

There are a few options to choose from with cellular functionality. I use the X3000 for a remote router with cellular, but you can get something less expensive with the functionality you listed. You may need to provide a switch for your local devices if you are going to use ethernet.

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Thanks PM! So none of the GL series allows for SIM cards I take it. Can I for instance use say the GL-AXT1800 (or other) for Ethernet laptop patches, and connecting WiFi cameras, then uplink the ATX1800 via the WAN port to to something like an X3000, but with Ethernet ports, or even tether ATX via Wifi to an iPhone hotspot and use that to at least send a stream out?

No, plenty of products use sim cards with cellular. When you look at the products page you will see groups with different features. In my browser, when I click products, the drop down puts the Cellular on the top right side.

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Thanks for confirming that PM. I did see the cell routers, I just didnt look at guides to notice LAN/WAN ports, and only now notice some of the portable cell routers have adapter options to add Ethernet ie Mudi V2 (LAN/Tether), or with onboard GL-AP1300 (LAN/WAN), Puli AX (LAN, M-WAN), Spitz AX (LAN), Puli (LAN/WAN).

The only issue I have is they all only have 1 Ethernet LAN port, I would require min 2 LAN ports, and WAN port is always nice.

The tethering option of Mudi is good. I take it the Mudi can either operate with a SIM or just Tethered to a phone. Would be nice if the Mudi (or other models) had an Ethernet solution with 2xLAN ports?

I also noticed Mudi has 300Mbps (2.4GHz) and 433Mbps (5GHz) Wi-Fi speeds, but no Ethernet speeds mentioned - or are the details listed 3G/4G Modem CAT4 Module (DL/UL 150/50Mbps relate to Ethernet speed as well?

Would 300/433Mbps be enough for simultaneous inbound/outbound HD stream?

The X3000 looks really nice btw, Multi-WAN is a cool function too, is there a way to input 2x LAN devices?

If you need additional LAN ports for the X3000 you will either need to convert the WAN to LAN to gain 1 or you will need to add a switch to your configuration. MultiWAN enables tethering and cellular. You can have several WAN connections and load balance or fail over between them. Ethernet is primarily 1gbps though some devices are now coming with 2.5gbps. The usable throughput at 300/433mbps will be dependent on several issues like range, interference, clients, etc… It should be enough bandwidth on paper, but you will just have to test it. Many cameras only have a 1x1 radio anyway, so unless they are plugged in that is what they are designed for.

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Thanks for explaining. So one can def convert the WAN to LAN on X3000?, that’s def handy! Is this info in the manual or is it a dark art :slight_smile: Another question on that PM, if WAN2LAN is possible, the specs show WAN can do upto 2.5Gbps, does that mean if converted to LAN it can reach those speeds - or scaled down to 1Gbps?

Yes 2.5Gbps also helpful as I have 2.5Gbps network adapters on both laptops. You say some devices are now coming with 2.5gbps - you mean new GL series?

Given I would plan to be remote, outdoors even, connecting via the 2 SIMS and Tethering would work, which would free up the WAN2LAN port.

Am looking at WiFi NDI based cameras atm, and/or Camera capture card for laptop

Will keep reading through the Spitz AX (GL-X3000)details.

Appreciate your time PM

On X3000, it supports configuring the WAN port as LAN via Webpage, showed as below screenshot. And it still supports 2.5Gbps speed as LAN port.


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