Suggestion Flint beta 4 firmware button sync for toggle button settings

So the new version 4 firmware for the Flint now has a toggle button setting available, but the Flint does not have a toggle button, so I believe this does not work in the current beta firmware.

Flint however does have a Sync button, which is just a push button. Would it be possible to reuse this sync button to toggle something? As it has no feedback like the toggle button on a beryl, would it be possible to implement a LED blink feedback for the next version 4 firmware?

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Definately you can use the sync button to trigger an event. Just like the reset button. So be able to toggle something.

I don’t have the guide right now. But if you need, I can try to find out.

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I guess using luci then? Would it be possible for GL.iNet to add it to the main firmware as a feature? :slight_smile:

Maybe not. These features seems simple but just to difficult to make it work simply.

What is the Sync button for? I cannot find anything in the docs. Thanks.