Suggestion Flint beta 4 firmware button sync for toggle button settings

So the new version 4 firmware for the Flint now has a toggle button setting available, but the Flint does not have a toggle button, so I believe this does not work in the current beta firmware.

Flint however does have a Sync button, which is just a push button. Would it be possible to reuse this sync button to toggle something? As it has no feedback like the toggle button on a beryl, would it be possible to implement a LED blink feedback for the next version 4 firmware?

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Definately you can use the sync button to trigger an event. Just like the reset button. So be able to toggle something.

I don’t have the guide right now. But if you need, I can try to find out.

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I guess using luci then? Would it be possible for GL.iNet to add it to the main firmware as a feature? :slight_smile:

Maybe not. These features seems simple but just to difficult to make it work simply.

What is the Sync button for? I cannot find anything in the docs. Thanks.

Hi! Really interested in this option. Could you please get the guide if its possible.
My device is Flint beta v.4.2.0

What do you want to use the button for? It was designed for mesh paring or wps. Eventually we didn’t implement it.

I believe that VPN client control would also be a great feature even though the button is not in the form a switch (like on some portable routers) it still might be great

I replied in another post Flint Sync button to Wireguard.Client toogle on/off - #2 by alzhao

It is not difficult to write script for it.