Suggestion for 4/5G LTE USB dongle?

Hi all,

For the upcoming holidays season I’m obviously packing my Beryl (MT1300) as repeater in between free wifi hotspots.

But on the move I would like to use a 4/5G LTE USB dongle with the Beryl. So far I’ve been usb tethering but I think an USB dongle is more elegant and less messy.

Any suggestions for a proper USB dongle to work with my Beryl? Should be for sale in Europe for use with European (data) 4/5G SIM.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Huawei E3372h-320

Thanks for your suggestion, however that one doesn’t seem to be available in the Netherlands.

Anyone experience with this one?

I’m pretty sure it’s a good choice, but keep in mind when you see 150mbps download, you’re connecting to just one 4g band at a time (no carrier aggregation), and it’s LTE CAT4. Personally I prefer MIFI’s that support 4G+ (or 5G if budget allows). These support carrier aggregation (multiple 4g carriers, generally two for LTE CAT7) and you can reach more than double speeds. If this is important for you, look for Cat6+ modems!

If speed isn’t an issue, I’d say a super strong requirement is being able to select bands the modem can connect to. Most , if not all, huawei Mifi ones support this with free third party apps (which possibly work with the Huawei dongles too). I travel a lot and noticed a day and night difference between connecting to the local primary carrier with strong signal versus a secondary one, usually lower frequency, with low singal, still yelds incredibly more stable connections.

Many thanks for your comment, budget is ok but somehow I can hardly find 4G+/5G phone dongles in NL.

I’ll do a bit more digging…