Support for firmware 4.0 and 4.1

Hi Guys any news on when we can use goodcloud for managing remote routers rubbing 4.0 and 4.1 and if that is not on the table for now for someone who isn’t very much a techy what can i do to manage them from a different geographic region.
Thank you

What model of device do you have? 4.x firmware for AXT1800 and AX1800 is already supported on GoodCloud. 4.1 firmware may have some bugs that will be fixed this month.

I have both devices but the main issue is have is when i updated the MT-1300 to 4.1 its always showing offline unless i am physically on the same network
Any help to get that back up and running would be appreciated
Thank you

Did you go back and reauthorize GoodCloud in the GL.iNet UI? Found mine was off after upgrade.

I did that and also did an unbind and rebind along with removing it off good cloud and back on again but no cigar … it can see the IP address of the device just not being connected to the system even though it is online