Supported LTE Modems and USB wifi

Hey all,

I just purchased a GL-MT300A-EXT to replace a TP-LINK MR3020 I was using as a OpenVpn client. This little thing is right now I’m in a hotel using a Vosnet Ethernet Bridge to connect to the wifi and the MT300A acts as a router for me. Which I’ve found to be much more reliable than using WISP mode.

What I’d like to be able to do is put a USB Wifi Adapter into the USB port. Is there a list of support devices? I’ve tried the two I have which are a ESynic NT029 (AC) and a TPLink WN832N neither of which seem to be recognized. Am I correct in thinking that this would be the current support devices?

What about for LTE? Currently I use a EE Mifi which but I’d like to make this into an All in One solution for me. What USB LTE modems are supported?

Anyway thanks.


If you install a USB wifi adapter you will most likely need to install drivers for the device, assuming they exist. You will also need to at least initially configure the second device in Luci. I am not sure if the GUI will display the second radio correctly.

Unfortunately there is no list maintained of supported wifi adapters for OpenWrt. It’s easier to get 2.4G support, many of the devices have not been reverse engineered for 5G as yet. I think the kmod-ath9k and kmod-ath10k are the most viable options, but the ath10K is not available in the current build of OpenWrt or GLi, only trunk (OpenWrt development). I am still struggling to find a current 5G device.

Some tested dongles are listed here: Overview - GL.iNet Docs (scroll down)

What problems are you having with WISP and what firmware are you on?