Tailscale brings down internet on Flint AX-1800 4.4.5

Similar to The interface is connected, but the Internet can't be accessed - #17 by rossfilipchuk I had my internet connection down for two days, going back and forth with ISP support with no use. This happened after I updated from 4.2.3 to 4.4.5. Resetting the router firmware did not help. I had to manually revert back to 4.2.3 and finally got everything working.

To reproduce, configure PPPoE connection mode on a fresh install of 4.4.5 on Flint AX-1800. Then, enable Tailscale and grab the device bind link. You should now have a non-functional internet connection (same as the image(s) in the thread above): The interface is connected, but the Internet can’t be accessed. You can also see the “System Log” being spammed

The first attached log file is produced when configuring PPPoE and then enabling Tailscale, and then the internet interface (WAN) goes down. The second log file is after WAN goes down and trying to get it working again. Hopefully these might help.
First file: PrivateBin
Second file: PrivateBin


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Updated to 4.4.5 using the automatic installer this morning on our AX-1800 with Tailscale configured and lost connectivity to the internet over PPPoE, reverting to 4.2.3 resolves the issue.

can you show the details of the Internet status page and help to execute the following commands and send me the results:
ip route show table 55

The internet status page is literally the image found in the thread above. Here it is for reference: https://forum-static.gl-inet.com/optimized/2X/5/534263e603ac261e05b6b0dd07e64351e1edff45_2_1196x1000.jpeg

Do you need anything else ? I am now on 4.2.3 with stable internet connection. I don’t want to experiment right now (at least not until the next weekend). Let me know if you need anything else.

I want to confirm if there has route confilct or ip conflict on your device.Please show the details of DNS page if you use exit node

No problem. I don’t use exit nodes in Tailscale. I will reproduce this on the next weekend and get back to you.

Also, did you find anything useful in the logs above ?

I’m having the same problem as everyone else here, I get interface connected but the device cannot access to the internet. I’m having this issue since I upgraded to the latest stable version of the firmware. A patch is urgently required


Glad it’s not just me… +1 to this issue. Just got my device and immediately updated to the latest available firmware but now tailscale brings down the PPPoE connection.
Deactivating tailscale in the gui and then modifying the PPPoE settings a couple of times seems to bring the internet connection back.

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Please execute the three commands below and restart your device,Thanks!

 sed -i 's/route_param="$target dev $dev"/route_param="$target table main"/g' /usr/bin/gl_tailscale 
 sed -i 's/\/sbin\/ip route add table local $route_param/\/sbin\/ip rule add from $route_param/g' /usr/bin/gl_tailscale
 sed -i 's/\/sbin\/ip route del table local $line/\/sbin\/ip rule del from $line/g' /usr/bin/gl_tailscale