Taobao bought MT3000 Beryl Ax has No VPN option


Before stumbling on this link, I didn’t realise that Gl.Inet routers purchased on Taobao in China would have different firmware (i.e no VPN option). - Seems obvious in retrospect though.

Seems some have been able to come up with solutions for the Brume 2 as seen in post above. Any chance I could get a PM with the instructions on how to fix my mistake?

Essentially - trying to restore the Beryl AX to get functionality on par with the global version. Any help would be appreciated @alzhao

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Pls note, China version will be different so pls don’t buy from China.

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Same here for brought the China version, @alzhao may I flash to global version since I need the VPN function?:smiling_face_with_tear:

I would appreciate if a solution could be shared with me also, same situation @alzhao

I can manage to get my MT3000 work. but it is preferred to have the VPN work. i would like to ask GL.inet staff to give us a uboot update command to update our CN router to global version. please help.

Yeah it’s not like we are aware that there is a shit china version before buying…

I really appreciate the members here helping each other. Thank you!

Indeed, GL.inet should clarify that there are regional versions of its products, just like how iPhones have Chinese and global versions, so that customers can make a conscious decision. We could go through Luci and other interfaces to make this thing work. Still, I was in shock to see that the interface of this cheaper router is different from my old, stable GL.inet router. I see GL.inet routers as good products, so don’t ruin it

If you buy from China, you should understand that the product may only work in China.

However I have tried my best to send messages to solve this. But this may not be the case later.

I think the sellers in China (Taobao, AliExpress, etc.) should take some responsibility for giving information to buyers that the router is the Chinese version.

It is quite normal for electronic devices to have different versions to meet regulatory requirements in the selling jurisdiction. For example, if you bought a smartphone in China, do you expect that it is guaranteed to work with the cellular bands in Europe, North America, etc.
unless the seller says so?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

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Hi Zhao, i am currently traveling in China and purchased a SlateAX1800 router which does not have vpn support. Guide me to flash global version firmware on this router. Thanks

Could you please send me the command line for Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) in the message or email me at

Hi Alzhao,
I’m from Vietnam so buy GL.iNet from Taobao is the only way and I have no other choice. Could you please help me to upgrade MT3000 from CN version to International version which have VPN and other function? Thank you

Have you seen this announcement:

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

No sir,
If I know about the difference between CN and non-CN version, I won’t buy. And in VN, I have no other option when buying GL.iNet product

Hi, I have the same problem with the mt3000, do you happen to have a solution ?

Pls check

Same situation here. Can anyone help?

Please help… My wife is going to kick my ass… mine machine is not cheap at all include postage…

I have the same problem and have a solution, used to post to the forum but apparently the admin deleted my post
So if you want the help please pm me, I may help you non officially

@alzhao : Hypothetically isn’t this merely a matter of the firmware version(s) for the region? Presumably the Beryl AX-CN has the same hardware present in it as the Beryl AX for the USA, doesn’t it?

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