Tethered WIFI speeds with X750 - consistent degradation?

Testing my download speeds when using a cell phone tethered to my GL-X750, my laptop client connected to the X750 will have a download speed of abou 10 MBPS. While running the same test directly on the phone yields a 20 MBPS download speed.

It this normal, to basically lose half of your download capacity when going from:

cellphone → tether > X750 → WIFI 5 Ghz → Laptop (5’ away)

I’ve run several speed tests and there is a consistent degradation like this. Any suggestions for making this faster?

Generally the phone has much higher specs than the router in 4G.

So if the phone achieve 20 and the router achieve 10, there is not too much to do. But you can also try the configuration as I said in this post. North American Carriers, ATT, Verizon, Cricket, T-Mobile Setup and Update 2021
Check the images and I have marking on the images for optimal settings.