Tethering to paid WiFi

We frequently use ferries with paid WiFi that, once connected, directs you to a login webpage where you either buy access for one device or enter a code that you have pre purchased.

So that we can connect multiple devices. I’ve successfully connected many times to the ferry Wi-Fi (no password) using our TP-Link TL-WR902AC router. You can then access the login webpage and signup. It then remembers the MAC address of the router and all connected devices can then use the WiFi

We now have a Puli (GL-XE300) but you can’t access the login webpage after connecting to the ferry WiFi …. You just get a blank page. I eventually gave up and successfully used our old TP-Link Router instead.

Can anyone offer any advice on how to resolve the issue please?

It’s likely a DNS issue. If you are running a OpenVPN/Wireguard/AdGuard home on the device, turn those off while you try to connect. Also, try turning off the “DNS Rebinding Protection” in the “DNS” page found in the Network Settings section.

Alternatively, you can connect and pay with your smartphone/laptop, then disconnect and connect the Puli after setting it to clone the mac address of the device you connected and paid with. This option can be found in the “MAC Address” page of the same Network Settings section. Change the mode to “Clone” or “Manual” and set the mac address to be the same as the device you paid with.

Thanks for the prompt reply. The Puli (GL-XE300) isn’t running anything other than as supplied. I’ll try your solutions and let you know how it goes. Cheers

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Please refer to Connect to Captive Portal - GL.iNet Docs 3 (gl-inet.com)

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@yuxin.zou thanks. Method 1 works but I can’t see the ssid of the new ferry that I’m on today. My tplink router can see it on channel 36, so I can enter the ssid manually. Do you know why it can’t see the ssid? Thanks

Most likely because the ferry is only broadcasting on 5 GHz wifi. Your Puli only supports 2.4 GHz wifi.

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Puli can only scan and connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. even if you enter the SSID of 5GHz WiFi, it will not connect.

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Duh, yes of course. Actually they are broadcasting 2G but with no ssid because you can connect by typing in the same as 5G ssid.

@yuxin.zou any plans for a 5G lte router?

Please refer to

If your mean is Wi-Fi 5GHz, you can view Spitz.

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