Took a chance and it seems to have paid off

I was looking for a router to use in my RV that would provide Wireless Wan connectivity using a USB wifi stick. Even though this mode is not described in the Slate (GL-AR750s-ext) docs, I decided to give it a try.

After setting up the unit and testing the various internet connection modes in the admin panel with some success… ie got the wired Wan and tethering to a 4g stick to work… I could not get the unit to recognize my Panda PAUO5 stick, or so I thought.

I discovered the Advanced menu under the More Setting menu.

I logged in as root and my admin password and was presented with an amazingly detailed management interface. On the Network/Wireless menu, I found the Panda wifi dongle. Clicking on Edit allowed me to select the SSID for the network I wanted to connect to. Entered the passphrase and within a few seconds, was connected.

Ran a speedtest and while not perfect, pretty good…

I will now proceed with ordering the Panda dual band stick with external antennas. This should allow me to use directional antennas to get the best throughput.

Nice work… If you could add this mode to the main user portal, I would be very pleased.

Thanks for your efforts.

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Thanks for sharing. Why did you feel the need to use a WiFi adapter when the slate has its own WiFi? Was it to increase the WiFi gain?

You don’t need to use another WiFi dongle. You can just use the built in WiFi and work as repeater.

But it works with some popular WiFi dongles.

The idea behind this is to provide better local wifi when staying in campgrounds with marginal wifi. I have actually turned down the internal wifi radio power to 10dbm since I only need to it work within and immediately surrounding the trailer. I am using the wifi usb dongle with an external directional antenna to improve the reception of the campground wifi.