Uboot GL-MiFi

Just some clarification here on uboot mode on the GL-MiFi.

I went to reload the latest firmware however after reading the instructions, they all kind of related to units with fewer lights and refers to fingers (for the reset buttons on the other models) and I found it a bit confusing. So for uboot mode on the GL-MiFi:

  1. Set your PC ethernet port to and connect ethernet cable from PC to LAN port
  2. Press and hold the reset button (with a paperclip or toothpick or… )
  3. Power on the unit (holding down the reset button)
  4. The 3g/4g led will flash
  5. Count 6 flashes (not 5 as per the instructions, this really threw me for a long time)
  6. Release the reset button
  7. The 3g/4g led will faintly flash twice
  8. Then you are in uboot mode.
  9. Use your browser to connect to
  10. Flash away!

Hope this helps someone, somewhere, sometime :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing and it is very helpful!